Hello world, again!

New blog! After over a year of absence, I figured I’d spin this baby back up. In other news, here’s how to calculate v0‘s smooth normal in UE4:

[cpp]FVector GetSmoothNormal(FVector v0, FVector v1, FVector v2, FVector v3, FVector v4) {
FVector v12 = FVector();
FVector v23 = FVector();
FVector v34 = FVector();
FVector v41 = FVector();
FVector normal = FVector();
v1 = v1 – v0;
v2 = v2 – v0;
v3 = v3 – v0;
v4 = v4 – v0;
v12 = v1 ^ v2;
v23 = v2 ^ v3;
v34 = v3 ^ v4;
v41 = v4 ^ v1;
normal = v12 + v23 + v34 + v41;
return normal;

And here’s the discrete radiosity equation:
$$B_{i}=E_{i}+\rho_{i}\sum\limits _{i=1}^{n}F_{ij}B_{j}$$

where \(F_{ij}\) is the geometrical view factor for the radiation leaving \(j\) and hitting patch \(i\). In truth, this has been a test. I just wanted to make sure that LaTeX and syntax highlighting work. Cheers!