Here’s a small sampler of the stuff I’ve built over the past decade:

Project Description Link
ZEDED ZEDED is an esoteric nondeterministic zero-instruction VM.  
Skrch Reverse-image lookup engine using sketches as input.  
BoldFormula Web analytics synthesis consisting of a full-featured HTTP crawler and an implementation of Google’s PageRank algorithm. n/a
Lecoq Lecoq is an easy-to-use CORS MIME-type checker.  
Jssembly Jssembly is a library that allows you to execute native assembly from Java.
Game:ref The world’s first hardware anti-cheat device for multiplayer PC games.
fonz.js A node library that accurately validates North-American phone numbers. A tiny webapp that lets you share stuff between your devices. It’s like a personal, private, distributed pastebin.